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Love Milk, Love Local

The Duke of Westminster has officially launched the Love Milk Love Local campaign at Holme Farm Dairies in Lancashire.

The campaign, devised by Penwortham based Holme Farm Dairies, a family run milk processor with 30 milkmen servicing the Lancashire region, aims to reassure customers that the milk delivered to their doorstep is from a farm in their region.

Jonathan Simpson, owner of Holme Farm Dairies comments: “Food seems to come from all over the world these days, and you never quite know what you’re getting. Here at Holme Farm Dairies we wanted to reassure local people that they are getting milk from local cows, bottled by a local company and delivered to the doorstep in time for breakfast.

“We know that customers are keeping a close eye on their grocery spend, so we’re working hard to explain the benefits of buying local through our Love Milk Love Local campaign. Not only can we save you time and money by bringing fresh, local milk direct to your door, but we also deliver lots of other products as well.

“Buying local keeps local jobs and skills in place and means that we’ll be able to keep feeding the nation whatever the future brings. It supports the community and means we’re not dependant on unreliable food imports.

“Holme Farm Dairies deliver milk across Lancashire and all of our milk comes from farms in the region. All our bottles will now be stamped with the Love Milk Love Local logo and we’re inviting other milkmen across the country to do the same.”

The Duke of Westminster commented: “It is fantastic to see a small dairy in Lancashire launching a campaign that has the potential to help dairy farmers across the country and I am delighted to be supporting the campaign.

“It is crucial to the survival of British dairy farming that we take note of this campaign and we become more aware of the origins of the milk we consume.”

Dairy UK Director General Jim Begg adds: “British farmers produce milk to some of the highest standards anywhere, making your doorstep pint a truly world class. I heartily support the Love Milk Love Local campaign, which has the power to boost the skilled local farmers and small scale dairies that make it all possible.”

Love Milk Love Local Background

  • Two dairy farmers are going out of business every day
  • If the current rate continues they’ll be no British dairy farms in 15 years
  • In the mid 90’s there were 36,000 dairy farmers producing enough milk to meet the UK national quota
  • Today there are only 12,000
  • Reasons behind this start from the demise of the Milk Marketing Board in the 1990’s
  • Since then farmers have struggled to receive a fair price for their milk, leading to many quitting the industry
  • Some farmers have not even been receiving enough money per litre to meet the production costs.
  • Liquid milk consumption is now 15% lower than ten years ago