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Bringing back the milkround
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Doorstep Delivers!

Doorstep deliveries of milk have fallen dramatically over the past 20 years by 70%!

Here at Holme Farm Dairies we have launched the Doorstep Delivers! campaign to BRING BACK THE MILKROUND!
There are an estimated 400 milkmen in Lancashire today, compared to more than 1,200 just 10 years ago. If this trend continues, Lancashire will lose its daily milk round within 10 years.
Many people believe that milkmen are expensive and prefer to visit the supermarket. In fact everything you can buy from a milkman is roughly the same price, and will save you the time, hassle and fuel of going to the supermarket. Not to mention all those little extras that somehow appear in your basket in the supermarket - who hasnít popped to the shop to get a pint of milk and spent £10?!

Supporting a small local business by having your essential groceries delivered to your doorstep each morning is convenient, cost effective and reliable. 
The traditional milkman plays a significant role in the local community. Many elderly people rely on their daily contact with their milkmen, who also provide early morning security for many neighbourhoods. Losing the daily milk round means losing part of Britain's heritage and a valuable service to the community.
We can guarantee that all of our milk is from a farm in the region so by signing up to a daily doorstep delivery you are not only supporting the local milkmen, you are also supporting local dairy farmers at a time when the UK dairy industry is under threat.  See our Love Milk Love Local section for more details.
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